Save Money. Preserve the Environment.
Look Great While Doing so.

Installing solar in your home can help you secure predictable electricity costs for years to come helping you plan ahead and make it easier to save on utility costs.

Turn On The Sun

Grid-tied solar energy systems use the power of the sun to power your home or establishment during the day then shifts to electrical utility power automatically at night.





Customized Solutions

We understand that every home or establishment is unique. That’s why we can customize a system based on your needs. Whether it’s optimizing the size of your roof or implementing a system that gives you both backup power and savings, 
please contact us for a custom quote.

    Explore Our Solutions


    Solar For Cost Savings

    Customized solar energy systems that help save on electricity costs by
    providing power during the day.

    Picture – GiveLight Community Turnover

    Community Engagement Solutions

    We work with local communities and local stakeholders to understand and address their needs

    GiveLight (Andang Ramuk) – Picture

    Backup and Emergency Kits

    Portable solar energy systems that can be deployed and used in multiple environments. 


    Consulting | Research & Development

    We explore several different ways to make solar work
    in different environments – from agriculture to business,
    education, irrigation, transportation, and waste management.